Hemoglobin is an indicator commonly used to look at a person’s health condition, which together with the number of white blood cells provides valuable information about the health of the patient. HemoCue products provide a wide range of photometer and analyzers for hematological examinations.

hemocue hb 201

Hemocue systems combine the convenience and fast examination at medical clinics and hospitals while prioritizing control quality and results. For many medical information systems, HemoCue provides a number of analyzers and photometers with easy to use data management capabilities.

Hb 201+ system

The Hb 201+ system consists of two components, namely the PHOTOMETER (analyzer) & Hemocue MICROCUVETTE units, where both are complementary and one of them cannot be replaced by another product. The Hemocue Hb 201+ system produces equivalent accuracy in laboratory results and is easy to use. The Hb 201+ system has become the world’s benchmark standard for medical devices for examination of point of care. World health services strongly believe in the speed of the results of examinations, so that they can make the quick and appropriate decisions that are urgently needed at medical facilities.

HemoCue also provides other analyzers that are generally simple, easy to use and are very much in demand at health clinics around the world.

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